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We bring together the best practices in electrical installations to offer you unparalleled service. In addition, our competitive rates offer the best value and ROI for your spending dollar.
Our well-trained staff, responsiveness and competitive rates have earned us our reputation as the premier electrical contractor for Western Slope.



With years of experience in commercial installation from fast-food to factories you can be assured we can handle the job.

  • Commercial Warehousing
  • Industrial Re-wiring or expansion
  • New restaurants, shops, repair shops, etc…
  • Government facilities

With years of experience in many different types of industrial installations.



Our team can provide you with a reasonable quote for your project.

  • Complete electrical wiring from beginning to end
  • Competitive estimation and cost overruns
  • A variety of options for products
  • Employee management and quality of service

We have been working with many construction companies and their staff to ensure our QOS is the best that it can be. You will quickly realize that you can rely on us to get the job done the Rite Way so that you can relax and focus on other important aspects of the project at hand.



Building an addition or wanting to finish out that basement. We can help.


The Importance of Upgrading Your Home Electrical Wiring

As anyone who has ever remodeled a home knows, some of the most important changes you make aren’t ones you can see.

Home electrical wiring is integral to the success of your renovation, especially if you are tackling a major kitchen makeover with all-new appliances that put more of a demand on your home’s power supply.


Many homeowners in Mesa County have redone their kitchens and brought in truck loads full of brand-new appliances – only to find that their  home’s old wiring would not support the electrical requirements and couldn’t handle the strain.


We take charge and revamp the home’s existing residential wiring, making sure the home’s 120-volt and 240-volt circuits can handle the new requirements of your renovation. But that’s not all – we also install plug and switch outlets and a host of other needed electrical services for your new home to make sure everything is as safe and functional as possible.


If you’re going to upgrade your home electrical wiring, upgrade it the Right Way.

  • Remember to always contact a professional before purchasing new electrical appliances or devices.
  • And don’t take the risk of making modifications yourself which could create an electrical hazard or fire if you are not 100 % sure of what you are doing.